For us, walking in the way of Jesus means to commit our lives to the practices of worship, studying the stories of scripture, prayer, generosity and living in Christian community. In particular, we engage in these practices within the framework of the radically inclusive welcome of Jesus who was always giving voice and value to those who were most overlooked and ignored. 

Begin (Again) is a resource for our whole community to use as we commit our lives to the work of following Jesus.  Some of us are beginning this work for the first time and some of us have been at it a long time. Regardless of where you are, we invite you to join us as we re-orient our lives around these sacred practices. Our prayer is that, in committing to this work, the practices will become habits and the habits will become a way of life.

Join our community as we Begin (Again)—a journey of renewing our lives through worship, growing in our connection with God, standing in solidarity with others, giving generously, and sharing what God is up to with those around us. 

How to use this resource 

Creating patterns: Start simply. We suggest picking one goal per week to work on. As these practices forge new patterns in your life introduce a new goal. When you get lost or drop the ball, simply Begin (Again). 

Striving for more: Once a practice becomes apart of your life level-up!  When you feel like you’re ready to keep going choose a new goal to work on. 

What you’ll find inside 

Centering Psalms: Each section begins with a Psalm, a prayer from scripture, to center your reflection. 

Goals: Goals give us something to strive for and commit ourselves to as we seek to deepen our faith.  

Where to Start: We can use these steps to help us reach our goal, no matter where we begin. These steps also help us find a starting place as we work to create new patterns. 

Reflection Questions: These questions will help us go deeper into each practice.