Good news is meant to be shared.

This news of a radically inclusive community centered in God’s example of Jesus Christ is too good to keep to ourselves—we want others to experience the same welcome and belonging we do at Two Rivers. We want others to encounter God whose expansive love changes lives. We believe that growing and expanding our community means telling other people what we experience.  

Sharing about our community is a radical act, especially in our social context that prizes sameness. We don’t want to be surrounded by people who are just like us! The more ways that we share and the more places that we simply tell the story of what God is up to in our lives, the more opportunities people will have to be intrigued or captured by God’s message.  

Goal #1: Invite a person, family, or group to join you for worship, small group, or an event at least once every month.

Think back to your first encounter with our community. For many of us, it was at the recommendation, referral or invitation of a friend or family member. It’s so much easier to step into a new setting when we know someone who will be there.

Where to Begin

Who in your life has expressed interest in your
church-related activities? Who is undergoing a time of transition? Pray about inviting them to one of our events.  


Think of all the ways you communicate: in person, on social media, through email, via text or video chat. How can you use one of those ways to invite someone to worship, a group or an event?  

Goal #2: Share your story about how God has impacted your life through this community at least once every month.

Sharing our faith doesn’t have to be awkward or scary. It can be as simple as sharing a picture of Sunday worship, offering a sentence or two about a thought that your prayer or Bible reading brought up or sharing a post that was meaningful to you.

Where to Begin

Post on social media your experiences in our community or share a social media post about your faith or our community once a month.


What makes you excited about your experience with God in this community? What do you want to share with others?