God has made each of us equal, unique and beloved.

We connect with our greater community and world through acts of solidarity just as Jesus stood in solidarity with those who were the most overlooked and ignored. We believe we can do more together than we can do alone and that everyone brings something to the table. When we come alongside one another, our congregation is stronger and our community is transformed. 

We believe acts of solidarity within our community and out in the broader world strengthen our connection to God and build bonds and bridges among diverse and different groups. We engage one another and our community partners as equals, ready to offer what is requested of us. When we engage with others instead of doing for them, we see a glimpse of God’s kin-dom of justice and love.

Goal #1: Take on a leadership role at church.

Our community is strong because we are all different. God has given each of us unique skills and talents to use to build our congregation. Every single talent is necessary and valuable. When we work together, we multiply the ways we can impact one another and the world.

Where to Begin

Complete our leadership sign-up form to discover the many ways you can use your talents in our community.


What are you passionate about? Your work? A hobby? An issue? How can your passion find a place in our community?

Goal #2: Participate in an act of solidarity with a community partner at least once a month.

Our community partners are the way we live out our broader commitments to peace and justice in Charleston and beyond. We work at their invitation and use our talents, skills, and resources to amplify the work they do in building a Beloved Community. 

Where to Begin

Follow some of our community partners on social media and participate in volunteer opportunities: Fresh Future Farm, Charleston Area Justice Ministry, Charleston Black Pride, We Are Family, and Two Rivers Refugee Relief. 


What does it mean for you to be in solidarity with others? How does the image of coming alongside another person change how you see God’s invitation to you?

Goal #3: Offer five acts of extraordinary kindness every month.

God gives each of us the invitation to be the loving, gentle, brave, bold presence of Christ to the one another. When we focus on how we can use our gifts to enrich the lives of others and not ourselves, we extend our connection to God and God’s goodness to us.

Where to Begin

Start with the people who cross your daily path—coworkers, neighbors, classmates, shop keepers, clerks. What is a need they have for companionship or compassion that you can meet?


Think of the difference between mercy (relieving immediate needs like feeding hungry children) and justice (ending systemic injustice like a lack of living wage jobs for parents with children). How can you bring a balance of mercy and justice in your acts of kindness?