In worship we step into a Presence much larger than ourselves.

In worship we open ourselves up to encounter God. Defining that encounter can be tricky as some weeks we experience God as closer than our breath, still and quiet, and other weeks we experience God as awe-inspiring and holy mystery. In worship we hold space for God to speak and we respond by recognizing God’s presence and saying thank you. The pattern of encountering God and responding with gratitude grounds the practice of worship.   

In this sacred pattern, we are able to re-center our lives after the week that was and prepare our hearts for the week ahead. When we worship together as a community, common ground becomes sacred as we sing, pray, contemplate scripture, give back and gather for Communion in the presence of God.

Goal #1: Join our community for Sunday worship every week

Worshipping together creates a regular pattern in our lives of making space to meet God and respond with thanks. When we worship in community we draw strength from each other and experience the fullness of God’s presence.

Get in the habit of attending worship every week―in-person when possible, unless you are sick or out of town. If you’re not able to be there in person, join us for worship on the livestream.

Where to Begin

Put the worship hour in your calendar with a reminder. Seeing it blocked out gives us a visual reminder of its importance. Remember there will be weeks that it feels hard to keep this commitment but just showing up is an act of worship.  


What hopes do you have when you come to worship?

Goal #2: Participate in the sacraments of Communion and Baptism in weekly worship

We believe that Baptism and Communion are ways that God’s Holy Spirit is particularly present with us. Baptism marks our welcome into God’s family, and Communion is God’s weekly act of inviting us to the table to be nourished and sustained.  In the church we call these two practices “Sacraments” which means that they are physical signs of what God is doing in often invisible, mysterious ways. 

Where to Begin

Talk to one of the pastors if you are interested in Baptism for yourself or your child (if you’ve never been baptized) or reaffirming your Baptism (if you’ve been baptized as an infant, child or adult). We offer Baptisms at the beach and during worship.  

Say yes to the invitation to come to the Communion table each week in worship. All are welcome to take communion in worship no matter where you are on your journey of faith. 


What questions do you hold for God in worship? Share those with one of our worship leaders, pastors or your small group.